Gentle Teaching - The Outcomes

Carers of children with autism and learning disabilities learn quickly that their child or young person needs help to overcome heightened sensitivities of anxiety and frustration, communication problems, sleep difficulties and delayed development associated with the condition to take part in the ordinary events of life.

Creating a safe and loving environment for the children or young people disabilities requires carers to become more intentional and organised with daily routines and with their support. Life may seem unpredictable to the child or young person with even the smallest changes, switching to a new activity or the differing approach or expectation of those supporting them.

Gentle Teaching provides a basis for building healthy interpersonal relationships in both its values and methods. When there are personal connections, people often grow in exciting and unexpected ways.

Staff and Governors at Bradstow School have entered into a commitment to creating a “Culture of Gentleness” and inclusion with each other, with the school and within the broader community. 

They have invested in a process of continual change and growth through self-reflection using videos and creating a no blame culture, allowing for mistakes with openness and a sense of humour.

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