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PE and Physical activity

At Bradstow School we believe physical education has a huge role to play in our learners lives. Physical Education and activity gives our learners the opportunity to test and learn about themselves and contributes to a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits in preparation for adult life. We offer all our learners the same opportunities and ensure physical activity is inclusive for all.

We have a full range of on site and off site provision and after school club experiences within a 24 hour curriculum. 

Physical education and activity aims and objectives

  • To experience and engage in a wide range of sporting activity
  • To develop multi skills such as walking, running, catching and passing.
  • To develop motor abilities such as flexibility, agility, strength, balance, speed, endurance and coordination.
  • To promote and improve our learners self-confidence and experience praise and motivation in their contribution to sporting activities
  • To participate in a range of sporting competitions and events with other schools 
  • To develop and improve communication skills and teamwork.
  • To work towards independence and healthy lifestyles and habits into adult life.

At Bradstow we have a full time sports coordinator and have a level 2 gym instructor, qualified swimming teachers and Rebound Therapy specialists. As a group focussed on health; collaboration occurs to deliver physical education and physical activity in a range of ways. We have external specialists in cricket, rugby and multi sports coaching who complement our in house offer and extend learning opportunities for our learners

We work alongside our occupational therapist to support our learners with individualised programmes specific to needs identified through assessment.

We are also partnered with other special schools in the local area as part of an inclusive games initiative. Each term all learners have an opportunity to try a different sport at a different location with specialised coaches. This has included dodgeball, boccia and new age curling.

We are fortunate to have a very good size gymnasium which young people throughout the day for sessions, sensory circuits and rebound therapy.

We have an outside football pitch with a cycle track which young people use throughout the day. The cycle track has working barriers and traffic lights where our learners are taught how to ride a bike safely. We also have an onsite gym for 1 to 1 gym lessons.

Gym equipment and ‘regulatory tools’ are also available throughout the school to support individual needs (i.e. a range of swings, trampets and sensory circuits) 

Bradstow has an onsite swimming pool, the pool has working fountains, sensory lights and music system. We have qualified swimming teachers and qualified lifeguards to facilitate swimming teaching and follow a swimming pathway which includes certificates and progression to become swimmers and build confidence in the water.

Offsite activities also form part of our health provision; building independent living skills (visiting various places in the community and travel training) as well as becoming confident in using off site facilities in preparation for adult life.  We attend offsite swimming at local leisure centres, climbing, canoeing, walking, cycling and scootering.

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