Our Children's Home


The residential provision at Bradstow consists of seven separate self-contained homes, each providing living and sleeping accommodation and facilities for up to eight children & young people. The units provide a homely, welcoming environment with all of the bedrooms being single occupancy rooms. Young people and their families are encouraged to assist with decorating and personalising their own rooms.

We aim to provide a stimulating, loving, happy environment in which young people can develop their self-confidence, daily living skills and have opportunities to participate in a variety of leisure activities and pastimes in the community.

Each home’s residential staff team, led by a Home Manager, work closely with class teachers to jointly create and implement individual children & young people targets and a range of care and support plans.

Bradstow Statement Of Purpose.pdf

This includes individual educational plans and behaviour support plans and ensures consistent practice throughout the day to provide each young person with integrated and holistic targets and plans.

Each young person has a designated key worker who acts as an “advocate” for that young person ensuring that they have everything they need whilst at Bradstow i.e. communicating regularly with families, ensuring they have sufficient clothing etc.

The key worker works closely with all staff teams in the school to ensure each young person is able to develop and access all of the opportunities available at Bradstow whilst also encouraging the young people and parents / carers to be part of the decision making process.


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